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**We accept cash or credit card.

The professional staff at Durham Lice Care will solve your head lice problem and end your stress. We offer top quality service at salon and we also provide safe and effective products to help you stay lice and nit free. Call us today and let us help you remove lice so you can get back to life.

Salon Services

Initial Head Check

$30.00+ tax ***if treatment is required and done at the clinic then this fee is waived

Lice & Nit Removal Treatment


*After the first hour we will bill in 15 min increments.

An average visit is 1.5 hours and is dependent on the hair length, thickness and severity of infestation. 


no charge

(within 7 days of treatment)

At Durham Lice Care, we use the strand by strand method for all lice treatments. We don’t use any toxic chemicals or pesticides. All of our products are natural and chemical-free. After confirming that an individual has lice, we first apply a natural enzyme-based product to kill the live lice. Once the hair is saturated with the enzyme, we use a special nit comb to...comb, comb, comb...through the entire head until nits or lice are no longer visible. After combing, we will check the entire head, using paper-thin sections. We will manually remove any remaining nits. Once the manual nit removal is complete, we will blow dry the hair and perform a recheck to ensure all nits and lice were removed. After confirming all nits and lice have been removed, we apply more enzyme product to the hair and comb through short hair or put long hair in a pony tail. The parent or guardian will be responsible for washing the enzyme product out of the hair with shampoo 2 to 8 hours after application or before going to sleep or swimming.

The client will be required to have a complimentary recheck 4-7 days after the initial lice treatment . During this time we highly recommend using a "non-toxic" anti-lice shampoo until the recheck. These rechecks are recommended to ensure that you/your child hair has not come into contact with another head with lice, thus causing a re-infestation.

We are so confident in our lice treatments, that your child will return to school the next day!

We care about you and your family, and are always available to answer your questions or to alleviate your fears.

******Our services provided:

  • Everyone in your household will receive a head check.
  • Each person found to have lice is treated the same day.
  • Follow-ups are complimentary when booked within 7-10 days.

School Screenings

Our team of trained technicians are available to come to your school for a thorough

head check screening. To reach ultimate achievement it is suggested that this should include the entire student body; however it can involve as little as one classroom or grade level. Screenings are available, in our local service area, for a cost of $2.50 per head; with a one hundred dollar minimum. A small price to pay for peace of mind that your school is lice free! Please understand that this cost is necessary due to time involved, additional staffing requirements and travel expense needed to accommodate your request. A two weeks advance notice is requested to ensure staffing and scheduling requirements. Payment is due at time of service unless previous arrangements have been made. When scheduling, please keep in mind that the start of school and after the holidays is a highly requested time for this service. 

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