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*"When we found out that our youngest daughter had lice, we were so upset. It was such an overwhelming feeling. We were not sure what product at the drug store to use, or how we should fully get rid of it. We ended up picking a brand that a pharmacist recommended, and bought extra combs to get out the lice. We did treatments on both of our daughters just in case. We spent hours and hours going through each part of their hair. It felt like the combs were not working, so we were doing most of it by hand. After completing the process my husband and I still felt like we had not gotten everything. I went online to see what we should do. I happened to come across the DURHAM LICE CARE site, and texted the number right away. Within 5 minutes Hailie called me. She was so accommodating. She and Angie met with us on a holiday just to help us. They checked all of our headsand found out both girls still had it, even though we spent all of that money on products that were supposed to remove lice!! They took the time to get rid of every knit and any lice that there were. Their products are not harmful like the ones that are sold in retail stores! They were so kind an reassuring. They also let us know that we did not have to remove everything in our house, and explained the easy ways to take care of it. During our visit we purchased one of their knit combs that is absolutely incredible, as it actually works! What an incredible service DURHAM LICE CARE provides. They took care of everything so that lice did not take over our family. My husband and I would recommend them to anyone. Hailie and Angela had us come back for a free 7 day follow up to make sure that we were still lice free, and of course we were. They took time to teach us how toremain lice free. In the event our daughters ever did get lice again, our first stop will be to see DURHAM LICE CARE. Thank you!!!!! "

-Shannon, Oshawa

*"Hailie just left our home after performing the final followup visit, we are all lice free AND better educated. It was devastating when we first learned of the presence of lice on my daughter 's head, but Hailie 's quiet manner and willingness to freely share information set everyone 's minds at ease. Thanks to Hailie, we now have the tools, and a better understanding of how lice live and spread. Taking away the mystery of it all...... is golden. Don 't hesitate to make this call, Hailie is friendly, competent, and cares about your family."

-Dan, Oshawa

*“Thanks so much to Hailie and Durham Lice Care for giving me peace of mind today!! My daughter contracted lice at school (my worst nightmare as a parent!! LOL) and I was CONVINCED I had it too. Hailie not only ensured my daughter was lice free she checked me over on two seperate occassions to ease my worries. Now we have the Nit Terminator comb, and access to an expert should we ever come in contact with lice again. Thanks so much! I highly reccommend this company and think every school and daycare in the region should have Hailie's business cards!”

-Sarah, Bowmanville, ON

*"After 4 long days of treating and picking, cleaning etc. - we thought surely we had taken care of my daughter’s Head Lice. However, we were not 100 % sure and were exhausted!! That’s when we called in a Professional and Durham Lice Care took care of everything. Hailie brought professionalism, knowledge and a sense of CALM to our household. Hailie gave us the REAL facts about Head Lice. We now have the tools we need for dealing with an infestation but perhaps even more important, tools for prevention. Head Lice is not something to tackle on your own … there is too much conflicting information out there. Save yourself the aggravation hire Durham Lice Care – you will be glad you did."

-M.W. Whitby

*The testimonials on any of our company websites are applicable to the individuals depicted only and may not be representative of the experience of others. The testimonials are not paid and are not indicative of future performance or success of any other individual

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